You will require your Credit/Debit/ATM Card PIN that will be mailed to you personally for your ATM and PIN – based deal.

iBanking (For iBanking users):

  • Login to iBanking together with your User ID and Password
  • Beneath the «Cards» tab, choose «Card Activation»
  • Choose either «Credit Card» or «Debit/ATM Card»
  • Find the Card you desire to stimulate
  • Accept the stipulations and simply click «Next»
  • Confirm the facts before pressing «Submit»

DBS/POSB ATM in Singapore:

  • ATM activation is available from 7am – 11pm (Mon-Sat) and 7am – 9.30pm (Sun and Public Holidays)
  • Insert your new Credit or Debit/ATM Card
  • Type in your PIN
  • Choose «More Services»
  • Choose «Cards/PIN/iBanking/Phonebanking»
  • Pick «Activate Card»
  • Follow guidelines regarding the ATM display to perform activation
  • How do I activate both my POSB Baby Bonus NETS card and POSBkids Account within one step?CDA clients can stimulate both your POSB Baby Bonus NETS Card and POSBkids Account instantly through the One-Step SMS Activation as below:
    • For Trustees who’re current DBS/POSB customers:

      SMS to 77767:Activatecard’s last 4 digitsSG

      For Trustees who will be a new comer to bank:

      SMS to 77767:Activatecard’s last 4 digitsSGSG

    Take note: This solution is just designed for Singaporean/PR Trustee & Child who will be Singapore Tax Resident just. By doing the one-step SMS instant activation, you acknowledge and agree totally that your youngster and you’re income tax resident of Singapore just.

    1. May I make use of my Card just after activation?Activation via ATM and iBanking shall be instant. For activation demand via Mail-in Activation Slip, your Card will be triggered within 5 trading days upon the financial institution’s receipt regarding the slide.
    2. Do i must trigger my DBS/POSB Card straight away?Upon receipt of the Card, we encourage instant activation to make certain your transactions may appear efficiently so the privileges can be enjoyed by you that accompany the Card.

    Significant Notes:For DBS Esso Platinum Card connected to Speedpass – Please stimulate the Card before paying together with your Speedpass key tag at Esso solution stations. For DBS NUSS Platinum bank cards – Please mmediately activate the Card to check n go loans login facilitate the debiting of this NUSS account charge.

    I continue to use my existing Card?Yes, you can continue using your existing Card if I am waiting for a replacement Card with the same Card number, can. Upon receipt of this replacement Card, please stimulate it instantly.

    Significant Notes:For DBS Esso Platinum Card connected to Speedpass – Please trigger your replacement/renewal Card before spending together with your key that is speedpass tag Esso solution channels. For NUSS Platinum bank cards – Please mmediately activate the Card to facilitate the debiting associated with the NUSS account cost.

  • Does a supplementary Card require activation?Yes. Supplementary Cards will even have to be activated by the cardholder that is supplementary use.
  • I’m a major cardholder. Could I stimulate the Card that is supplementary on of this supplementary Cardholder?No. Each Cardholder needs to stimulate their very own Card.
  • Can my additional Card be triggered before we activate my principal Card?Yes, the additional Card may be triggered ahead of the activation for the principal Card.
  • I will be currently offshore. How to activate my Credit Card?Any one of several 3 ways suggested enables you to trigger your Card from offshore:
    1. iBanking
    2. When you yourself have a Telephone PIN, you could phone our 24-hours customer support hotline at +65 6327 2265 and talk with certainly one of our Customer Service Officers
    3. Mail us the activation slide enclosed into the Card mailer
  • For Takashimaya Bank Cards just

    1. Can I manage to accumulate Takashimaya Bonus Points if my DBS Takashimaya Card just isn’t triggered?You can simply accumulate Takashimaya Bonus Points if your Card is triggered.
    2. Am I going to have the ability to redeem my Takashimaya Bonus Points if my DBS Takashimaya Card is certainly not triggered?You can just only redeem your Takashimaya Bonus Points as soon as your Card is activated.
    3. If We replace my DBS Takashimaya Card with a brand new Card quantity, will my Takashimaya Bonus Points be transferred to this new Card quantity immediately?In the big event that the Card is changed by having a brand new Card quantity, Takashimaya Bonus Points won’t be transported from old Card to brand new Card.
    4. We received my renewed DBS Takashimaya Card. Do i have to redeem my Takashimaya Bonus Points saved in my old Card before utilizing my renewed Card?Yes, you will have to redeem your Takashimaya Bonus Points saved in your old Card, before:
      1. the Card expires and
      2. activation of one’s renewal Card.

      All points unredeemed in the old Card should be forfeited upon expiry date or upon activation of this renewal Card.

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